Mojdeh Tarighat, Matthew Lancellotti, Arun Kannan, Ramanujan Santharoubane, and Axel Saenz.

Thursdays, 3:40pm, KER 128

Schedule of Talks, Spring 2018

Date ↓ # Topic Content Lecturer
Jan 25 1 Determinantal and Schur Processes lec-notes Mojdeh
Feb 01 4 ASEP on the Line and the Bethe Ansatz lec-notes Matt
Feb 22 3 TASEP on the Line and Determinantal Formulas   Arun
Mar 01 5 Bethe Ansatz for ASEP on the Ring slides Axel
Mar 01 2 Random Matrices and Determinantal Structure n1 n2 Mojdeh
Mar 22 6 Non-Intersecting Brownian Motion on the Unit Circle lec-notes Matt
Mar 29 7 Orthogonal Polynomials and Determinantal Processes   Arun
Apr 05 10 Higgs Bundle, EOC Topological Recursion and Higgs Bundle   Ramanujan
Apr 12 8 Riemann-Hilbert Problems and Asymptotic Analysis   Mojdeh
Apr 19 9 EOC Topological Recursion and the Catalan Numbers   Axel
Apr 26 12 From the Japanese Tau- Function to Okounkov’s Determinatal Formulas   Axel